1. Make an ABC chart from the observation notes.

2. Create any other data/forms that you feel would be helpful/necessary.

3. Using the data from the forms/interviews, complete the Functional Behavioural Assessment form

4. Using all of the information above, design a Behaviour Intervention Plan

A Behaviour Intervention Plan form should cover these following points :

Step 1: Description of Behavioral Concern

Step 2: Functional Behavior Assessment Data

– Setting Events

– Antecedents

– Functions

Step 3: Replacement behaviours and methods to teach replacement behaviours (Task Analysis)

Step 4: Proactive Strategies (Individualized Positive Behaviour Change Strategies)

Step 5: Positive Methods to Modify the Environment

Step 6: Reactive Strategies (Include Crisis Management Strategies, if needed


Understanding of ABA and the key concepts involved

• understanding of the task and its relationship to relevant areas of theory, research and practice

• clarity and accuracy in use of key terms and concepts in ABA

Depth of response to the task

• depth of understanding of key ABA concepts

• and issues explicitly raised during the course and in your follow up

• readings.

• depth of behaviour change project (are all components included/addressed?)

Familiarity with and relevance of professional and research literature used to support response

• range of research and professional literature on ABA theory to support response

Structure and organization of response

• appropriateness of overall structure of data collection and intervention

• clarity and coherence of organisation, including use of section headings and summaries to enhance readability

Presentation of response according to appropriate academic and linguistic conventions

• clarity, consistency and appropriateness of writing conventions

• clarity and consistency in the format of the plan

• clarity and appropriateness of sentence structure, vocabulary use, spelling, punctuation and word length

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