Assignment question Choose a behavioral management theory (such as Mary Parker Follett or Hawthorne Studies or Theory X and Theory Y) AND a contemporary viewpoint (such as The Open-Systems View or Contingency Theory) in Chapter 2 of the prescribed textbook (see Table 2.3 on page 53) and critically discuss their contributions and limitations in managing employees today.
When writing this essay, you are required to: • use knowledge of Topic 2 of your prescribed textbook • use clear essay structure as outlined below • cite a minimum of 6 journal articles. In addition, you can cite other academic references (such as textbooks, research books and chapters in research books). Some of these can be found in the recommended list below. You may choose other management journal articles or academic references beyond this list. Please see marking rubric for marks awarded for use of number of appropriate resources.
Unit learning outcomes assessed at the completion of this assignment: (ULO1, ULO2 and ULO4. See the Unit Guide) • ULO 1: demonstrate a critical understanding of the historical evolution of management. • ULO 2: critically analyse a range of issues facing managers in contemporary organisations • ULO 4: produce clear written arguments around specific management issues.

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