This is for a class called ‘Audiences, Users & Producers’.
Task: Analysis two types of Media drawing on at least 2 approached of audiences studies covered in the course (e.g.. Uses & Gratifications, reception analysis, theories of an active audience).

The two types of Media I have chosen are:
1. The internet, applying the Model of Uses& Gratifications.
2. The television or mobile phone, applying a theory or model of choice from; Reception analysis, or Identification.

The structure of both paragraphs should be:
My media example is…This is my theory or model I am going to use … This is what the theory or model claims…This is why it is relevant to my example….
Each paragraph a page and a half approx. (Half of the 3 pages). No introduction needed.

Points to consider:
– Detail aspects of the theory or model that make it useful, e.g. for Reception Analysis, What aspect of a social situation is likely to shape your response?

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