1. Describe your informal assessment of your organization in one of the following areas, and provide support for this assessment.

• Emotional intelligence
• Employee engagement
• Positive personal regard and tapping into basic motivators
Focusing on the particular theme you select, describe the elements in your organization that are strengths and the elements that need to be changed.
2. Explain how you would change your organization to improve it in this area. What obstacles stand in the way of this change?
• If you selected emotional intelligence, explain what you would do to foster an emotionally intelligent organization.
• If you selected employee engagement, explain how you would promote greater engagement among your organization’s employees.
• If you selected positive personal regard, explain how you would enhance your positive personal regard within your organization.
3. Create a logic model that depicts your organization and what you, as a leader, would do to address the issues you see in the analysis above.

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