In the Millennials Entering Adulthood sections of your WA text (pages 468-485) the articles in your text tend to create the perception that millennials, on the whole, are somewhat overprotected and unprepared for adult life. Do you think this is accurate, or do you think this is a general misperception and an unfair portrayal or today’s young adults?

For this essay generate a definition of your generation that confirms or challenges the status quo perceptions of the millennial generation. Perhaps you read these articles and decide that, on the whole, they are pretty much accurate. Or perhaps you read them and determine that they make assumptions that are out of touch, unfair, or essentially inaccurate. Either way, use your sources either for support of your definition or as a basis for disagreement.

Your observations of fellow millennials may be useful in your discussion but keep in mind that you don’t want your points to be too anecdotal, which is to say that you will want to present your observations in a way that they represent a broader population of millennials and not just a narrow range of your acquaintences.

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