Objective: to identify and clarify policy issues and problems, their causes, their current and future effect on the community, and how problems become part of the policy agenda; to explore factors involved with the issue while remain objective; to identify key stakeholders in the issue and their relationships to possible outcomes; evaluate policy potentials and effectiveness; summarize benefits, tradeoffs, etc. for policy issues; and analyze the role of profession of nursing in the topic; include the professional nursing literature.

1. Problem identification: introduce and clarify/explain the underlying problem/issue (causes, current and future effects on the community, who raised and is now interested in it, how the problem moved to the agenda etc) 1 page

2. Background: put the problem in context with specifics on social, economic, ethical, legal and political factors ~1 page

3. Stakeholders: discuss parties having a stake in the outcome of the policy debate (who has proposals/a position related to the issue, who would be affected by the policy, who are the special interest groups~ 1 page

4. Issue statement: a clear statement that summarizes the underlying problem and conflicting values based on the above information 1 paragraph

5. Policy objectives/goals: stated specifically (you can list) ~half a page

6. Policy options: Analyze the role of the profession of nursing in your topic, include the professional nursing literature.. Briefly discuss 2-3of the most relevant/realistic current proposals, or a new one using your literature review and in consideration of the above policy objectives/goals(consider necessary resources, program objectives and criteria, examine whether if X is done Y will result, consider the “do nothing” option) ~1 -2 pages

7. Evaluation criteria: Analyze the role of the profession of nursing in your topic, include the professional nursing literature. Choose one policy that reflects its potential to achieve the policy goals (quality, access, fairness, cost, administrative feasibility, political feasibility, others identified)

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