Earlier this week, 62-year-old Joseph Benson underwent an amputation of his leg just below the left knee and suffered a horrible complication – the wrong leg was amputated. Benson, a diabetic who has suffered from poor circulation for the past 5 years, was shocked to wake up after his surgery and learn of the mishap. “I hoped that I was just dreaming, but I keep waking up to the same thing,” said Benson. Staff at Neighborhood Hospital have not officially commented on the case, but this incident comes at a dire time for the hospital, which has experienced an assortment of problems lately, including complaints of poor treatment, union problems, and nursing shortages.***

Write a paper differentiating between negligence, gross negligence, and malpractice. Based on your information, decide if you agree with the statement in the newspaper.

Provide your rationale for your decision.

Describe the importance of documentation (relating to this simulation) and its correlation to potential negligence.

If you were the nurse in this situation, what ethical principles would guide your practice?
How would you document the case to satisfy ethical and legal requirements?

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