The application of the epidemiology triad to develop prevention strategies is a significant component of this paper and should be given commensurate focus in the paper (i.e. at least one page should be on applying this approach to prevention)
I. Introduction
II. Etiology
III. Distribution, including populations at greatest risk
A. National incidence and prevalence
B. Global / Regional incidence and prevalence
IV. Natural history of the disease
A. Stage of susceptibility
B. Stage of pre-symptomatic disease
D. Stage of clinical disease
E. Stage or recovery, disability, or death

V. Mortality and Morbidity of disease
VI. Treatment of the disease
VII. Prevention:
VIII. Application of Epidemiology Triad
A. Using the epidemiology triad framework, design and describe an appropriate
intervention to disrupt transmission of the disease in each of the three routes of
B. Analyze the advantages of each of the interventions individually and
IX. Summary, including predictions for future outlook of the disease

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