This assignment involves researching a relevant topic of interest related to critical care nursing and developing a poster presentation about your selected topic. The task will enable you to demonstrate your competence in analysing clinical problems, and your skills in summarizing, prioritizing, organising and presenting information.

The “audience” for this presentation is third year nursing students and registered nurses.

Submission format

The template for this task is a Powerpoint file (.ppt). You need to download the poster presentation template from the Support section below, complete it with your own information and design ideas, and then upload the completed poster for marking. As all students are using the same template, you need to make sure that your completed poster file is identified with your name and student number when you upload it for marking.

You need to ensure you have a full version of powerpoint in order to use this template to complete your poster- that is, a version in which you are able to edit and create files, not just view them.

Task process

Select an appropriate topic related to critical care nursing that interests you, or choose a case study you experienced during your clinical placement. Your topic might relate to emergency nursing, Intensive care, coronary care or high dependency nursing. You might like to select one of the suggested topics below or a different topic of your own choice.

Acute Coronary Syndrome

You need to:

1. Include a title which describes your chosen topic and displays your name as the author

2. Research your chosen topic using articles, text books and other evidence based resources.

3. Provide an introduction to your topic which outlines what your poster includes.

4. Provide a conclusion to your topic which summarises the poster and implications for professional practice.

5. Through your wide reading, identify the key elements of your topic. This assignment is worth 30% of your final grade and for a third year unit, you MUST demonstrate your utilization of evidence in compiling your poster. A minimum of five (5) recent evidence based journal articles will be required, alongside other material, to support the information presented in your poster.

6. Develop a poster presentation about your selected topic.

7. Reference within the text of the poster as well including as a reference list within the poster content. See the sample poster for clarification. You are expected to demonstrate evidence of the literature that informed your scope of inquiry, and diagnostic clinical reasoning.

8. Neatly formatted and presented and adhere to APA referencing guidelines.

9. Remember:

• Your poster is presenting an overview of the key elements of your chosen topic. Present each element in concise format (not too wordy).

• Ensure you have a logical layout.

• Any pictures/ images used to illustrate your content must be referenced.

• Any tables/ figures/ etc used to illustrate your content must be referenced.

• Use “snappy” headings for each section (not too wordy)

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