Decide whether the article should be accepted or rejected. In so doing, you must write a convincing argument (pro or con) which includes a detailed discussion of why the article should be rejected (or accepted) for publication. In so doing, you must derive a thesis (i.e., whether the article should be accepted) which is based on a clear understanding and statement of the author’s thesis (which you must also state clearly). You should construct your essay by identifying the three main areas upon which you base your judgment, issues such as: the fitness of the author’s topic (i.e., whether it is important enough to be published), the scope of the paper (does it present enough information to support the thesis), the method of research (does the author present his or her research in a way that demonstrates a legitimate approach to the material), the thesis itself (does it seem reasonable as an argument? Is it weak in some way? Consistently strong?), tone (are there aspects of the way in which the article is written that make or break it?)

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